Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Square Root of Tomatoe = Yes

As I was going through old school crap, I came across this sketch I did in class while my professor was blabbering on and on and on about a garden and some Italian guy, I dont know I wasnt really paying attention. Anyway, I liked the sketch so I figured I would color it up. So I did.


  1. That's what i'll look like when the Egyptians finally record a new record.

  2. Except you'll be more deader, and you will have given up your guitar for the kazoo.

  3. must RE-envision the psychology prof, who day in and day out had that massive wad of friggin...hmmm...mayonaise? on her mouth and draw it up. she could be part of hell i think. definatly seemed like that back in the day...