Sunday, April 18, 2010


A friend of mine has been asking me since the beginning of High School to draw her a Ford Mustang....and I have never done it. Every time I would see her, "Kevin, where is my Mustang?" Then I saw her at my 10 year HS reunion, "Kevin, where is my Mustang?" Well, She just turned 30 and I figured she has waited long enough.
I put the pencil sketch on there because I saw another artist that follow do it, and when I saw it I said to myself, "I am totally gonna rip that off". I'm kidding, but seriously, I totally ripped it off.

Thanks to Christian Pearce for the great idea. Check out his blog. It will make your face melt.


  1. Ha ha, I only wish I could claim some credit for this image - looks awesome Kevin! Nice to see those pencils too!

  2. Thanks a ton man! I was gonna just try and pretend like it was my idea, then accuse you of stealing it if I got busted. I guess my conscience got the best of me! jk jk.

  3. Mustang Mustang Mustang... Damn thats really hot