Thursday, May 28, 2009

The New Kid

Apparently it's the first day of earth school for this young globulous mass, and it would seem that some of his parts have minds of their own...or Tourette's syndrome.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looks a

I TOTALLY wasn't watching Lord of the Rings when I drew this...

Angry Tree

I started drawing a tree, then got bored, so I frankenstein'd it.

Look Out!

Wonder what he's cowering from? Big rock? Nuclear fallout? Nagging wife? "Stop playing World of Warcraft and do the dishes you lazy son of a bitch!" Wow, that was oddly specific.


This is what happens when those lurking spectre's catch up with Pac-Man, and give him a beat down for stealing their bannans and grapes. Curse you Pac-Man, and your passion for random mixed fruits.
Quick sketch for a friends video production class.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Squidward Tennis Balls

Squidward Tentpoles

If anyone is as lame as me and watches Spongebob Squarepants, you will get the title. Anway, this is a quick sketch I did in class, come to think of it, most of these were done in class, guess I learned lots. I finally got my hands on a Wacom tablet and this was the first drawing I had that I attempted to paint in Photoshop. The result is the next post, which you would have had to scroll by to be reading this, so actually, Im telling you crap you already know.

Some Architectural Sketches

Some random architecture related sketches. I thought I lost these because I hadn't seen them in over a year, then they turned up in a pile of bills. That was a good day. I still hate bills though.


This daft fellow is a member of the "13 Kevin's" social club. I had planned on creating a 13 part series of drawings depicting each of the 13 slamming into some type of building material, concrete, brick, heavy timbers, glass, bullet proof tigers, anything really. It may still come to pass some day.

Tower of Scribble

I skratched this doodle sitting in my car waiting for class to start. I needed to draw this because the dumpster with rotting bar food in front of my car was not inspiring me. It did however make me nauseous. 80 degrees + swill + wind = bleh!!

The Defeat of Stratholme

An old drawing I did as a ode to my old World of Warcraft homies. We totally Pwned that geist that has a sword in his head cuz we are L33T!! Sorry, did I just say that?

Take a Rock, Leave a Rock

This lug is dragging a big-ass rock. To where? Who the hell knows, but inevitably when he gets to his destination he will be told to go back and get another one. At some point, he will get fet up with this crap and smash his master with that giant hammer. That gives me an idea for another drawing...

I Only Have Eyes for EVIL!!!

Who needs eyes when you're sporting bad-ass horns?! He looks like he's tearin it up at a club or something. Dance freak, Dance!!